To the Parents of LGBTQA+ Individuals

I never understood parents, who are supposed to love their children unconditionally, who make their LGBTQA+ children feel like they have to hide. I don’t understand parents who can’t put their skewed beliefs aside and accept their children as they are. It makes no sense to me how a parent can look at their child, when their child comes out to them, and respond with hate. That is your child in front of you and you make the choice to cast them out and/or disown them simply because they do not fit your twisted view of what is right and normal, or sit before your child saying hateful, bigoted things forcing them further into the closet. There is nothing wrong with being LGBTQA+, but there is something very wrong with parents who force their children to hide or who stop loving and cast their children aside when they do come out.


It used to be something I simply didn’t understand, and yes it used to upset me but I accepted that that’s just the way some parents are and that there wasn’t anything I could do about it. But now that mentality has cost me something so great, and now I can no longer accept it. Now, I am beyond angry with every parent out there who makes their child feel like they have to hide who they really are, with every parent who treats their LGBTQA+ children with anything other than love and acceptance. I’m angry not only with parents, but with every single person out there who makes people feel like they have to hide or who puts people down for being different, who treats people like outcasts who have committed a crime when they haven’t done anything wrong.


Parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally. Your child has not committed a crime by being LGBTQA+, nobody has committed a crime for simply being a little different from you. Your child, your friend, your neighbor, nobody is hurting anybody simply because they are LGBTQA+, but to the parents out there, the friends, the pastors, the aunts and uncles, all those out there who are so caught up in your twisted view of what’s right and normal… your lack of acceptance, your hatred, your bigotry IS hurting people. Your hatred and bigotry, your lack of acceptance, it costs lives, it costs people their happiness, it pushes people away from the God so many of you erroneously use as an excuse and a platform to spread your hatred and your bigotry. I can no longer stand by and quietly tolerate it. I can’t stand by and silently watch children be forced to hide who they really are and sacrifice their life, their heart, and their happiness and the hearts and happiness of others because they have parents, pastors, neighbors, “friends,” etc. who refuse to accept them as they are.


The price for not accepting those of us who are LGBTQA+ is far too high. The price for putting your hatred and bigotry aside and accepting and loving people despite their differences is nothing. And stop using your God, your religion as your excuse, as your platform for spreading your hatred and bigotry. Because maybe I am committing a sin by being a woman who loves other women, but I can assure you that failing to love your neighbor, your friends, your children… failing to not judge others as your Bible commands you not to, is a far greater sin. We aren’t hurting anyone by being LGBTQA+, but your hatred and bigotry IS killing people and that IS a far greater sin. I assure you that when judgment day comes, those who fail to love and accept people, to love and accept their children for something as simple as them being LGBTQA+, will be judged far harsher than those of us who made the choice to love, even if the people we love happen to be of the same gender.


About angry-gayace-space-kitten

Caitlin is an openly lesbian and asexual writer, photographer, editor, and activist. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually out and about taking photos, doing research for her stories that has likely landed her on the NSA’s watch-list, playing video games, reading, hiking, fighting for equality, or binge-watching one of her many favorite TV shows.
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One Response to To the Parents of LGBTQA+ Individuals

  1. Chelle says:

    ❤ I love this post; especially the last part. I am a demisexual Christian. I am a staunch ally to anyone defined as LGBTQA+ or anyone not knowing who they are or who they love. My faith teaches me not to judge; so I don't. Who someone chooses o love isn't a bad thing, it doesn't hurt anyone and it isn't my place to judge. SO long as it isn't shoved in my face (this goes for cis-hetero relationships too) then I am happy so long as my friends and family and EVERYONE can be who they want without fear for their safety and their lives.

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