Every last bigot on this planet is a murderer. It may not have been your fingers that pulled the trigger or your hand that plunged the knife into someone’s chest, or that tied the noose tight before kicking the stool away, it may not have been your hands that held a blade to a suicidal person’s wrists, but you’re the reason they did and you’re just as responsible for their death. It’s your hate and lack of acceptance that encourages people to commit hate crimes, to go out and kill innocent people. It’s your hate and lack of acceptance that drives people to end up killing themselves, because they’re left to feel unloved and unwanted, or because you’ve cause the love that they found to be ripped away from them. Every bigot on this planet has just as much blood on their hands as the man who pulled the trigger at Pulse in Orlando, as every man or woman who has shot, stabbed, beaten, or by any means killed a person for being different than them. You’re just as responsible, because instead of spreading the hate that leads to those things, you could have been fighting the hate. Every bigot has the blood of every individual who has killed themselves because of the hate on their hands, because instead of spreading the hate that drove them that low you could have been letting them know that there was nothing wrong with them and that they were loved. Every single person on this planet who refuses to accept people who look, think, or believe different than them or refuses to accept LGBTQA+ individuals is a murderer and a shit person. And no amount of praying, or belief in the same god you use as a tool of hate, is ever going to be enough to wash away the blood that stains each and every one of your hands or magically make you a decent human being.


About angry-gayace-space-kitten

Caitlin is an openly lesbian and asexual writer, photographer, editor, and activist. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually out and about taking photos, doing research for her stories that has likely landed her on the NSA’s watch-list, playing video games, reading, hiking, fighting for equality, or binge-watching one of her many favorite TV shows.
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