I started this blog primarily to start fighting back against the hatred and bigotry that ignorant parents, particularly those of faith who use that faith as a tool of hate, thrust upon their children who are LGBTQA+. This hatred and bigotry cost me something so great and losing what I have at the hands of bigoted parents who fail to love and accept their children as they are or make them feel like they have to hide has dragged me down so low that I can no longer sit back an simply allow such parents to get away with failing to carry out their most basic and important duty as parents: to love and accept their children unconditionally. My intent with this blog is to hopefully educate those who use their faith as a tool of hate against their LGBTQA+ children and the community as a whole. It is also just my first step in fighting back against those who stole from me and what they use to do it. This community is fighting a war against hate and ignorance, and I refuse to be someone who sits back and silently watches us lose.