You’re more than welcome to contact me with comments, suggestions, and especially questions so long as it is done in a respectful manner. My intent here is to educate and put a stop to the hate and ignorance and to lend a helping hand to anyone struggling with coming to terms with who they are, struggling to come out, and especially to any parent or individual who is ready to start opening their mind, their heart, and their eyes and show acceptance where they previously did not. Please do not abuse this privilege by using this as a means to continue the spread of hate and ignorance or to personally attack me or the LGBTQA+ community; it won’t be tolerated, period. I want to be nice about the way I do this; I would like to be able to respond to everybody with respect and with the love and kindness that I would like to start seeing more of in the world, but if you push the wrong buttons please know that I have been through enough and put up with enough bs that I am not afraid to shoot back. I will not throw the first proverbial punch, but I will not cower or run, but rather stand and fight back should you make the choice to start casting stones you have no right to cast. If you would prefer to contact me privately, rather than leaving a public comment, you may email me at or send a private message via the blog’s facebook page: